Tennis Rules

Eccleston Square Garden Tennis Rules


1. General

  • 1.1 These rules are intended to retain a friendly atmosphere.  Players are required to finish play and leave the court at the end of their allotted time, regardless of the time they started to play.  Players are, therefore, asked to avoid requests to finish an ongoing game. 
  • 1.2 Play may only take place if a valid booking has been made on the Eccleston Square electronic tennis booking system.  The court can only be booked in the name of the Key-fob holder*, who is responsible for use of the court and the observance of all relevant rules by using the provided login details.

2. Bookings

  • 2.1 The tennis court may be booked on an hourly basis up to 14 days in advance (for example from 7am on Tuesday for the Tuesday in 14 days’ time).
  • 2.2 Bookings made in the Eccleston Square electronic tennis booking system can be cancelled with a minimum of 24h notice and £6 will be automatically credited to the Key-fob holder account. Bookings cancelled within 24h prior to start time, the booking fee is automatically refunded only if the same time is re-booked by another member. In the event of bad weather preventing play or cutting play short, no refunds will be made. 
  • 2.3 To ensure Key-fob holders enjoy the use of the court as much as possible, if a Key-fob holder who has booked the court does not arrive to play within 15 minutes of the start of the booking, the booking shall be relinquished to any other Key-fob holder wishing to play during this time on a ‘first come first served basis’.  The original booking will, therefore, be forfeited and in effect ‘transferred’ to the other players.  In this event, no refunds will be made. 

3. Advance bookings

  • 3.1 To ensure time on the court is allocated fairly during the busiest hours, the following rules apply:

    Monday to Friday

      • Play before 4.00pm - Any number of bookings each of one hour may be made in advance for up to a maximum of two consecutive hours
      • Play after 4.00pm - No more than three bookings each of one hour may be made in advance for any one week. These bookings must be for separate days.

    Saturday, Sunday  

      • No more than one hour may be booked in advance each day.
  • 3.2 A Key-fob holder who has already made the maximum number of advance bookings (as defined in Rule 3.1) may only on the day of play make an additional booking of one hour if it is available. 

4. Usage and maintenance

  • 4.1 The tennis court is for the sole purpose of playing tennis and may not be used in ANY circumstances for other activities, eg as an adventure playground for children with their ball games and bicycles etc.
  • 4.2 Only appropriate footwear may be worn.  This does not include black-soled trainers, spiked shoes, non sports shoes etc.
  • 4.3 Strictly no smoking on the tennis court. 
  • 4.4 All litter is to be placed in the bin provided on the court.  
  • 4.5 At the end of play please loosen the net.
  • 4.6 Numbers on the court are limited to a maximum of six players (including a coach).

5. Restrictions

  • 5.1 The above rules must be adhered to at all times. 
  • 5.2 For the avoidance of doubt, this court is for the pleasure of Key-fob holders  and not to be used as a commercial enterprise.

June 2017*A Key-fob holder is a Member, Owner, Outside Subscriber or User who is in lawful possession of a key-fob pursuant to the Articles of Association of Eccleston Square Company Limited


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