BBQs and Parties

Guidelines for Parties and Barbecues in the Square

Parties and/or BBQs in the garden, and use of the patio area in the evening, must be arranged with Nicky Foy in advance.  She will be able to tell you if your preferred date is free and remind you of the garden rules.

All BBQs should be cooked on the hard standing in the central part at the southwest end of the garden (the end opposite number 34 where there is a blue plaque to Churchill).  Please do NOT wheel the cookers from this area as this is the space designated for cooking.  Moving the BBQs causes disturbance to other residents as the smoke and cooking smells rise.  This paved area also minimises any risk to the garden.

Parties must be considerate of other garden users and residents.  Loud noise, music and unruly behaviour are not allowed.

If you are booking a party or barbecue in the square please follow these guidelines

  1.  Text Nicky Foy on 07798774197 or email to check if anyone else has booked the same date.  Leave a message with the date and time you want (lunch time slot 12-5pm, evening slot 6-10pm) and the approximate number of people, and please leave your name and contact number very clearly.
  2. Please clean up after the party and take your rubbish outside the garden to the big black bins on the corners of the square.  Please do not use the garden bins as they are too small for large amounts of rubbish.
  3. When you leave, with your rubbish, be sure that the charcoal is out in the BBQ.
  4. Please make sure that you do not disturb residents and other garden users.  
  5. The patio area is not to be used in the evenings without express approval from Nicky Foy.
  6. Please remember no marquees are allowed and no music on any device is permitted at any time.  Generators and electric lights are not permitted.
  7. Please make sure that no gate is left open at any time.  Gates must be closed or manned at all times to protect other residents and the garden.

N.B.  Please do not have any BBQs or play any ball games on the tennis court lawn at any time.  This is the quiet lawn.  Those ball games that are permitted should only be played on the main lawn.  Football or any hard balls are forbidden at all times.

If you don’t observe these rules, you may be suspended from the garden for 6 months and have your fob turned off.

                                                                                                                                                June 2017


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