Garden Rules

Eccleston Square Garden Rules

Please follow these simple rules which are intended to ensure that the gardens can be quietly enjoyed by all. 

  • Only Key-fob holders*, their families and guests are admitted.
  • Children must be properly supervised – their behavior is the responsibility of the Key-fob holder.  Only children of twelve years and under may use the play equipment.
  • Please avoid leaving any form of litter in the garden. Please take your rubbish to the large black bins outside the garden.
  • Dogs must be held on a lead at all times and must not foul in the garden.
  • Please use your mobile phone discreetly so as not to intrude on the peace of others.
  • The following are prohibited:

    • Bicycles and tricycles Radios, record players, cassette players, CD players, and any musical instruments All footballs
    • Cricket to be played with a soft ball only.
    • No ball games may be played in the Eastern half of the garden except tennis on the tennis court.
    • For the avoidance of doubt this garden for the pleasure of Key-fob holders and not to be used as a commercial enterprise.
  • The over-arching principle guiding all our rules is that the garden is to be maintained for the pleasure and enjoyment of fob holders and is not to be used for commercial gain.
  • Fob holders may not provide any activity in the garden on a fee-paying basis (or benefit-in-kind equivalent) unless they are training another fob holder.  This includes tennis lessons, gym sessions, yoga sessions or any other commercial enterprise.
  • Fob holders may bring into the garden external trainers for fitness/yoga/tennis.  They may not use static equipment.  The training sessions are to  be conducted in a thoughtful and unobtrusive manner which does not disturb the enjoyment of the garden by other users. With the exception of tennis coaching, your trainer may only train you and up to one other fob holder (i.e. a maximum of 3 people including the coach) with no outside guests allowed to join the training.

The Garden Byelaws are posted in the tennis shed.

Guidance on the use of the garden may be sought from the Company Secretary.
June 2017*A Key-fob holder is a Member, Owner, Outside Subscriber or User who is in lawful possession of a key-fob pursuant to the Articles of Association of Eccleston Square Company Limited

March 2022

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