London Open Gardens Weekend 2021 (online)

5.30pm - 7pm, Saturday 12th June and then on demand.
This year the London Open Garden Weekend will be online and Eccleston Square Garden has been selected to feature together with a number of other London gardens, London's formal squares, historic allotments, award winning community spaces and breathtaking rooftop gardens. Roger Philips will be interviewed and will virtually take us around Eccleston Square Garden.
Tickets and further information regarding the online event can be found HERE  

National Garden Scheme (
The garden has opened every year since 1989 to raise money for the National Garden Scheme (Yellow Book), when spring is sprung. The 2021 edition has raised £1,467. The Directors are always grateful for help on that day, with donations of homemade cakes to sell on the tea stall, assistance with washing up, serving tea and plant sales. Each year the date will be posted on the gates and announced here on the site.

ESRA Summer Drinks Party / BBQ
In the summer a free evening is held for all residents, key holders and their guests. Barbecue fires are provided and ESRA provides wine. Guests bring their own food to cook. Date TBC from 7pm to 10pm. Notices will be posted on the gate in advance.

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