• The children’s play area is CLOSED

  • Social distancing rules (2 meters apart) apply at all times, except from members of the same household

  • No parties or bbq are allowed at all

  • Tennis – singles may be played by two peoples (if not in the same household each player- in line with LTA rules- should mark the balls and only touch own balls); doubles may be played by 4 members of the same household

  • Activities in the garden, such as fitness or yoga, may be done by a maximum of two people, if they are from different households, they must be socially distanced (2 metres apart)

  • Anyone who uses the garden furniture does so at their own risk

  • NB the virus can live on metal for over two weeks.

Please wear gloves or use elbows to open the garden gates, tennis court gate and tennis shed.

Our aim is to preserve the Square for all our user and we ask you to please abide by these rules which have been updated in line with the latest Government advice.

These rules are in place to keep us all safe and healthy as possible.

Eccleston Square Garden Limited


Members sign up

This site has the ability to host a private residents network, but it has been decided not to activate this functionality.

If you are a resident, please feel free to sign up - whereupon your status will be "pending" until the networking functionality is turned on. Please be patient as this may take some time - even years. 

You do not need to be a member of this site to sign up for the tennis booking system.

Welcome to the Eccleston Square Garden website

Visitors are able to view and print out some sections of this site such as the garden history, the planting etc. 

There is a private section for the key/fobholders who are invited to register by signing up. Each key/fobholder will be verified.

Those key/fobholders who own their properties in Eccleston Square are also encouraged to apply to be members of the Company, thus giving them access to company documentation and the ability to vote at general meetings.  

All data held is strictly protected. 

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